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Half Price NVR kit for testing & review
  • Half Price NVR kit for testing & review

Half Price NVR kit for testing & review



Dear friend,

I am very glad and thankful for your coming to this page.
Please click the below link or pic, you will link to our Amazon product page.
If you are from the local, you can get the security camera + NVR kit for half price.

1. click the picture or the link above, enter the product page in our Amazon shop.
2. place an order as normal you purchase on Amazon.
3. snapshot the product pic you ordered and email me to
    Important: Please write "20201020 half price + product link" in email, I will know you are the lucky friend.

4. Please leave your positive review after you receive the camera and test.  (I hope you can give us a 5-star review if you are satisfied with our NVR & camera.)
    If any issue when you test the camera, please contact me immediately,  I will see and tell the problem is and give support anytime. 
    Thank you for the help,

5. If the price is not half price already, still at full price in our Amazon shop, please do not worry, we will refund you half of the price to your Amazon account, or wire you the money by Paypal. 

For the camera + NVR system kit, it is All in one package, all cameras and NVR for half price at the same time. 
There is ONLY ONE NVR&CAMERAS KIT for testing and review for a single customer this time.
Promotion tim: 20th -25th Oct. 2020